Murder of John Smith 2/26/16     


Detective’s Report: 

Young white male John Smith was murdered at the Long Branch Parking Garage on June 6, 2012 at 10:37 PM. He was found with multiple puncture wounds, mainly in the abdomen area. It appeared as if he was trying to open his trunk when the suspect found him and began to stab him with an unknown object. John Smith was lying in a pool of blood, face up, when he was found by the parking garage security. At this time there are no suspects, and there has not been a murder weapon found.

Coroner’s Report:

John Smith, white male, 23 years of age, and was in good health before the date June 6, 2012.Jake Robins,  Ralms County Coroner, have determined that the deceased was murdered. After many examinations of the puncture wounds found on the deceased abdomen, it was determined that he was stabbed to death with an ice pick. There were twelve puncture wounds counted on the abdomen of the deceased. Further information includes that the deceased died from blood loss after his main vein under the left lunge was severed.


The writing of the Detective’s Report, as well as the Coroner’s Report, was written in such a way that the information could be obtained quickly. As the writer, I knew that these readings would be read aloud inside of many offices and court rooms. Because of the need for the information to be read quickly, and be comprehended, I knew that the information had to be written in order of importance. I began with the most important facts, and followed by the information that was not detrimental to the report. These reports are also used to create a forensic argument so the reports needed to be completely filled with facts. Also, because of the forensic approach, the reports need not have an appeal to the emotions (pathos). The reports were written to provide evidence and be comprehend if read aloud, and read quickly.


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