Helpful Reaserch

Thurston Domina wrote an article called “Leveling the Home Advantage: Assessing the Effectiveness of Parental Involvement in Elementary School.” This particular article has proven to be extremely helpful with my efforts to complete my research project. The article, written in 2005, is filled with incredible information to help with my understanding of parental involvement in school. The article itself takes the stand that parents should be left out of all student activities. The speaker states that it is completely unfair to judge the success of a student based on things like homework and projects because it is ridiculously impossible to know whose parents completed the project for them, and whose did not. Also, the article goes into great detail to explain that even if no student’s project is completed by their parents there is a total difference in the projects completed by students with no help and students that were given guidance. It explains that many students are given credit for projects they themselves did not complete; whereas, other students receive a very poor grade because the work they truly did on their own was being compared, and graded accordingly, to work that was truly completed by an adult. I will use this article in my work to show that parental involvement can be both a negative and positive contributor to the education of students. This article will also be helpful with making the argument that parental involvement should not be a factor in some areas, the article will make that much easier to see and much easier to read.  The article breaks down the theory, and provides many easy to understand examples.

This article helped me to understand that there really is areas within education and schooling that parents should not be involved in. More importantly, I began to see that there are many areas where parents are involved but they are actually more involved negatively than positively. Positive influence is extremely important within our school systems and I believe that this arrival helped me, as a reader, to more clearly understand where parents hold a role within the educational system and where they absolutely shouldn’t hold any importance. The article also helped to me understand that we have to realize that not every student comes from our same background, there are students facing issues that we didn’t have to face. Many students are growing up facing hardships we have never had to deal with before and it is important for teachers to realizer that they are dealing with an incredibly diverse student body.


Finally, there were rhetorical devices placed throughout this article everywhere. The article appealed to the emotions very quickly and caused the reader to create a connection with the reader. However, even though the article created an emotional connection it also came in quickly and made it clear that it was factual based. The author integrated writings from other authors and even supplied statics to show that he knew the topic well and wanted to provide evidence of that.


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