Rhetorical devices in the classroom


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I am currently enrolled in a Foundations of Education class that assigned me to complete thirty hours of observation inside of a high school classroom. I just completed my thirty hours of observing, and I fond that there are MANY rhetorical devices used by teachers inside of every single classroom. English 3050 helped me discover so much more of the rhetorical world. I now realize that there is so much more rhetoric used in every day life than I had ever realized. Furthermore, taking that knowledge and applying it to my observing in the classroom brought to the light all of the secret devices teachers use to effectively teach students the information that they need to know. For example, teachers create handouts to give students to make it easier for students to read and understand information. Handouts are a rhetorical device used by educators. They are able to use the tools as a way to get their point across. Also, the way that the information is formatted on the handout is also a rhetorical device. Many teachers use headings to show the different importance’s of information. Headings make it easier to remember information and see what descriptions correspond with what key words. Teachers also use rhetoric when they determine how they need to say certain things. It is a rhetorical device to raise your voice at a student that is misbehaving. Teachers know that raising their voice will create a sense of fear in students and will allow the students to see that they are upset. Rhetoric is also hidden in the decorations on the walls of every single classroom. Teachers make a rhetorical decision when they decide what is important enough to make onto the walls of their classrooms. The walls inside of a classroom are seen every single day by students and what teachers choose to place on those walls will also be seen every day. Teachers usually choose to place rules, student work, and important dates on the walls of their classroom. The decision on what to place on the classroom walls hold an extreme rhetorical importance. Placing student work on the walls is a rhetorical device because it allows students to see that their good work is actually being seen and it is importance. Putting great work on display makes students want to work hard and create work that is worthy of being placed on the wall. Using rhetorical devices such as this to create a way to make students want to work to your expectations is a rhetorical tool that I had not thought of before. Also, keeping your classroom rules portrayed on the wall where they can be seen every single day gives credibility to the teacher. When a student acts up in class, the teacher is able to say that they knew better because the rules are right there in front of their face every single day. This appeals to the ethos of a teacher. Displaying rules every day acts a rhetorical tool to make sure that every student is constantly reminded of what is expected from students. It was extremely amazing to be able to realize just how much rhetoric was placed in a classroom.


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