Final Exam

Question #1

My research work entitled “Educational Parental Involvement” would be an incredible asset to the educational journal Cambridge Journal of Education. This educational journal focuses on the growth of the educational system. The researchers and writers that are published within the journal, find themselves creating more effective ways to transfer knowledge to young students and create a better understanding of educational materials. The journal states that, “Cambridge Journal of Education has always enjoyed a wide international readership and encouraged contributors to make comparisons between different educational systems and cultures.” Due to the diversity wanted by this particular publication, I feel that my research would be perfect for this publication. My article explores the possibility of cutting parents and guardians from classrooms altogether. Many of the articles inside of the publication discuss the positive relationship between parents/guardians and the classroom, the researchers show the positive effects that allowing parents inside of the classroom has on the students. My research work elaborates on the positive attributes parental involvement has on student progress, however I also address the negative side of the spectrum. Within my research writing I walk through both the negative and the positive correlations between student performance and parental involvement. My article would add diversity into the publication because it speaks on a topic that no other researcher inside of the publication has addressed. As a researcher, I felt that it was very important to view both sides of the topic. I see that it is very necessary to introduce the “not so popular” idea that parents actually may cause more harm than good (in some cases) to readers. I feel that my research work will bridge the two issues together. Many readers are already more than well aware of the need for parental involvement in school in many areas, however many parents and guardians are oblivious to the fact that they cause harm when they are involved in other areas of education. For example, many parents/guardians believe that they need to be involved when the student brings home a project to complete. However, what they do not understand is that there help with a certain project is causing an inability to correctly asses student understanding. I believe that my research publication would provide the final piece of the puzzle needed to bridge the gap in understanding parental involvement in educational situations. I believe that both sides of the issue needs to be addressed in order for researchers, educators, and administrators to truly understand the positives and the negatives associated with parental involvement in the educational system. Once both sides of the argument are clearly addressed and understood it will become much clearer on what should be done to create the greatest environment for young students. Due to the fact that the Cambridge Journal of Education addresses strictly educational issues and is filled with researchers that work endlessly to better our educational environment, I fill that my research work would be a great article to include in this publication. My research work will bridge the gap between both the negative and the positive effects of parental involvement in the educational system and will help to create a better understanding of the roles of parents/guardians inside school systems.


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Question #2

Dear dumb, young, and probably not studying like you should be self,

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 My    point    is,    don’t    believe    anything    out    there    in    the    wild,    there    is rhetoric    attached    to    everything!!




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